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At artwolfsen.com you can safely buy lithographsetching and giclée prints by internationally renowned artists while also making a good investment for yourself or even as an exciting gift. We sell works by: Jacob Rantzau, Martin Bigum, Michael Kvium, Ole Ahlberg, Julie NordTakashi MurakamiVolkano, Benny Dröscher, Tine Helleshøj, Rune Christensen, Jay Olé, Alex Diamond, Peter Martensen and many others. The quality check throughout our range of lithographs and giclée prints is outstanding and by no means second-rate products, quality is assured every time. Several of the greatest artists throughout the time, such as Picasso, Miro, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein, have made lithographs that are now being sold for several thousand kroner, here you can get your very own contemporary piece at an affordable price.

Lithographs, etchings and giclée prints are produced in a numbered amount of copies (you can look at the individual piece, which number it has left) and was created by the artist for this particular format to sell at the best quality. Each artist wants you to get a unique product of high quality and is therefore part of the whole process within Boozeartgallery.com. Lithographs and giclée prints are produced at the best printing and repair shops around the world meaning that the works are of high quality and have a long service life. The lithography was invented in the 1800s, and works from that time can still be seen in museums. Each giclée print is processed after a minimum of 200 years. When we purchase lithographs and giclée prints, we also examine the interest of art buyers. This means that you are likely to resell your lithograph and giclée prints with merit. Lithographs and giclée print are an ideal choice for you who want to complement your art collection and you who want to begin as an art collector and a great investment to make! 

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