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Company Profile: artwolfsen.com aims to promote graphics and other works on paper by promoting leading graphics in the Nordic region. The online exhibition profile emphasizes the goal of showing the audience that graphics are an independent artistic expression on the contemporary art scene.

We started artwolfsen.com for shear admiration for the Art. Both because we want to share the joy of having art within our very home rather than just glancing at it within museums. We want it to be an easy and safe experience to buy lithographs and giclée print right here within our platform. Selling lithographs and giclée print is not just about trust between the seller and you as a customer, but also of trust between us who sell the works and the artist professional.

Therefore, we are very proud of each and every lithograph and giclée print that we can offer you. In the process of creating collaborations, we are in continuous dialogue with several well-known galleries including the prestigious Galerie Wolfsen, in Aalborg. Since we do not have a showroom where you can come and visit us, we reproduce the high-quality images right here on our platform along with the ability to digitally test different color frames and wall colors all for no added cost. You can get a good sense of how the work will fit into your home or the happy recipient's home.

For the work to be in perfect condition, and as untouched as possible to you, we make use of the best materials for wrapping and transport ensuring we carefully roll the work together with silk to avoid scratches and then place in a tube of extra durable cardboard. The package is then shipped with Post Denmark. For further information see the terms and conditions of return transport under terms. We make every effort to get the best buy experience at artwolfsen.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Artwolfsen.com / Artwolfsen.dk
Tiendeladen 6
9000 Aalborg
TLF: +45 98137566
VAT: 39773481
E-mail: info@artwolfsen.com

Galerie Wolfsen
Tiendeladen 6
9000 Aalborg