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Tine Helleshøj

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Sensual, Clever and Rock'n'roll - are all words that have been used to describe Tine Helleshøj's colorful, individualistic style. Her career kicked off in 1998 when at the age of 20 she participated in DR2's censored exhibition Gallery 12, where she, among other things, won the audience award and was interviewed on television. Tine has since worked professionally as visual artist and has exhibited at various galleries at home and abroad and at various fairs. In addition, she has more public and private decorations on the CV.

Tine Helleshøj's works are built in mixed media on canvas such as oil, acrylic, spray, stencils, and usually with her characters in the front, painted in oil. Her classic nostalgic sensual pinups have eventually been replaced by their own photographs, fragments of man with more of a narrative - still contrasting with her colorful detailed backgrounds, which together form joyful and mesmerizing works. Hit with a humorous or sarcastic look at life. For years she has been defragmenting the iconic retro image, working in a more graphic way with her own photographs or dividing the image in cubistic shapes, and have been playing her way through other expressions like collages, sculptures, woodwork and papercuts.  Always with a strong esthetic, but also often with a sarcastic comment about the world surrounding us.