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Julie Nord

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Julie Nord (born March 14, 1970 in Copenhagen) is a contemporary visual artist. Graduating from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts within 1994-2001. She creates mythical, surrealistic and often very large drawings with pencil, felt pen, touche and watercolor. In her pictures Julie Nord works with a solution of the unexpected; Among other things, by mixing adventures, decorative textile surfaces, naïve art illustrations, popular culture and other familiar genres into something new but may be described as avant-garde.

Julie Nord's art questions our own life through her imagery and brings psychological depth along with. Represented on ARoS and the National Museum of Art, Nord’s contrast between fantasy and real life is popular with its viewer. Nord’s work may appear quite graphic, however hand illustrated with a variety of mediums her work requires clear and conscious choices, unlike the original drawing's more open to space. It is most often the lithography, the stamp of pressure Julie Nord has worked. The demanding process for the decision to take many decisions is a constructive challenge, and the clear idea of ​​the work grows through the pure form rules the export. Opposite the work with the original sketch sensitivity, and the continuous search process therein, focus is placed on the graphics.

The more formal aspects such as color selection and composition. The graphic imagery radiates a sharpness and security in expression, they stand as a series of clear, concise statements on this informal retrospective presentation. Thus, many of her work continues to contain inspiration from horror movies, psychedelic art and Alice in Wonderland. Julie Nord has exhibited many places, for example, the United States, England, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Germany. In 2010 she had a large solo exhibition Xenoglossy at the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and the Nordic Watercolor Museum.