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Kirsa Andreasen

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Kirsa Andreasen (born 1975)

Kirsa Andreasen is educated in both Denmark and Spain. She has studied painting in Barcelona on Escola Massana from (1995-1996) and on Escola D’Art Vic Art (1996-2002) along with philosophy in Copenhagen (2007-2008). The artist has come far in her artistic career and has a one-of-a-kind artistic expression. On a background of Golden Age looking landscapes, Kirsa paints human figures, which look like everybody and no one at the same time. Looking at Andreasen´s paintings, you´re looking at symbolic paintings where background and figurers can be experienced as pure symbols on being and existence.

Kirsa Andreasen has described her motives with the following statement: ”It´s the human spirit, which travels through time in a borrowed nature that interests me. To fuse together great nature with the present. Nature in the human being. The universe in nature and the universe in the human.” What you see in Andreasen´s paintings is a symbolic interaction between human and nature. The human animal as nature in nature. A timeless essence, which connects human across time, origin and gender whispering the collective memory”. The human is portrayed with a purity and simplicity, it has big eyes but the landscape in the background is a great deal more detailed. The landscape is also more than just a background in Andreasen´s paintings. The landscapes function as symbols on nature, life and fundament for human existence. In the artist´s landscape, the human is captivated by nature and it is stated how the figures are a living part of nature themselves.

In several artworks, the nature background can be seen through the figure and become partly one with the human – where does one part stop and where does the other part begin? Honesty and authenticity are keywords for Kirsa Andreasen in her work and it is also the exactly what beam from her paintings: A simple form expression with a simple often stirring message. For example Andreasen is likely to paint the hopeless, out of fashion and dangerous, which affect love in our lives, the momentary happiness and in the vulnerability and the loss, pain and freedom that is set free. Andreasen also portrays the absorption, the difficult interaction, the loneliness and often a woman aware of her gender and its many aspects.
Kirsa Andreasen creates very emotional paintings. One is caught by the eyes and affected by what they are conveying. Andreasen has a talent for expressing the things that hurt, she shines light on the unseen nuances and speak in an artistic language that reaches beyond any other vocabulary. The longing for the pure and unspoiled is Andreasen´s greatest driving force in her artistry. The longing is followed by melancholy and contemplation. Kirsa Andreasen´s artworks tell a great yet ordinary story to which everyone can relate. We are all part of nature, we are all part of a story and a life trying to navigate in it.