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John Kenn Mortensen

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John Kenn Mortensen

”My artworks are kind of a tribute to the outsiders of the world ...I haven´t got a clear intention for each drawing. But ...I hope that the lonely and maladjusted people can see something in what I´m making...” John Kenn Mortensen listened to heavy metal and drew drawings instead of playing football and is today educated as animator. He lives in Copenhagen where he works as instructor, writer of children´s books and illustrator. Mortensen is best known for his post-it artworks. His art is a big black fairy tale universe with gloomy figures yet a sense of homour. John Kenn Mortensen has a cartoon column in the Danish newspaper Politiken every Friday and he is a teenage horrorfilm instructor on the Danish television channel DR Ultra.

”I believe you can describe my art as Lowbrow art. I don´t believe they can be called illustrations, illustrations illustrate something: a story or a time proces where what I´m doing on the other hand are simple pieces so they are between categogies – an outsider...” Mortensen masters the use of pen on paper and he has an amazing one-of-a-kind imagination. He creates all kinds of monsters, ghosts and beasts, which are terrifying enough to spook most people.

”I write and instruct tv programs for children. I have twins and not much time to do anything. But when I do have time I draw monster drawings on post its... it is a small window into another world made by office supplies. Human will always be afraid of monsters. For some people, spiders and monsters ...even tiny monsters. It warms my heart when I´m able to scare people or give them the feeling of having experienced a small adventure from something as simple as a drawing on a post it. It its this fine moment right before you realize you are getting bad news and you wonder ...I never thought this would happen to me”.