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Tommas Jørgensen

  • Poster - Spirits on Parade - Tommas Jørgensen
    : 50 cm / : 70 cm
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    A carnival day usually starts with eating breakfast and drinking Aalborg Akvavit with your friends or family, after which the fun dressing up begins. Tommas Jørgensen has included Obelix, Lillefix, an Indian, a cowboy, Alf, a dog, an action figure, a pearl chain, feathers and not least a beautiful mask as symbols of the many different festive costumes that carnival participants wear. And then there is a beautiful, sky blue background, reminiscent of the sky on a sunny carnival day.

    At carnival you can be whoever you want to be and party with like-minded people! The feeling and festive memories can now be put up on your wall thanks to Tommas Jørgensen's art.

    Spirits on Parade
    Poster dimensions: 70x50 cm
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Tommas Jørgensen (1980) is a master when it comes to realistic painting.
There is no equality between strong technique, the ability to paint photorealistically and then creating art. 
The technical talent belongs to the discipline of handicraft. But when you simultaneously have the ability to tell a story, to touch and cut into the viewer's consciousness, something magical and extraordinary can arise.
Tommas Jørgensen masters it all. His technique is second to none and his storytelling is both relevant and interesting. 
When Tommas Jørgensen paints, it happens i.a. according to century-old principles, where everything must be created from only eight colours.
In short, it all has to be created without compromises and without shortcuts - and it shows. There are few who can measure up to Tommas' technical skills.