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Sales of lithographic prints, etchingmultiples, offset lithography and giclée prints by internationally renowned artists. Purchase a unique piece of art while making an investment in a beautiful piece of work that can be easily traded. Artwolfsen.com focuses on art that are traded on auctions and already obtain a high resale value. We have lithography’s and giclée prints from Danish artists such as Hans Henrik FischerAnne Juul ChristophersenKirsa AndreasenHenrik GodskOle AhlbergPeter Skovgaard, Tine Helleshøj, Camilla West and forward-looking Volkano from Germany and Frank HollywoodJules Holland and Leon Keer from the Netherlands.

A bit about - Lithography (also called stonework) is a graphic technique where the printing plate is made up of a special limestone (lithographic limestone). It is also the term for the graphic sheet itself or the image. The technique is part of plant print, one of the three main categories of the graphics. This means that the printing plate is in one plane as opposed to in gravure and high pressure where the ink is in depressions and on elevations in the plate before it is printed on the paper. Lithographic printings are used primarily on visual arts media, and it is practiced within professional lithographic workshops around the world. The principle that fat clouds water and vice versa is the bearing of lithography as technology. And at the same time, the limestone is used centrally, as it can soak and hold on a certain amount of both water and fatty matter. The relationship between fat and water is utilized to define areas on the stone where it can accept (fatty) ink and others where it cannot because it is saturated with water.

A bit about - Giclée comes from the French technical term for an inkjet nozzle. La gicleur and the verb gicler mean to spray and were used for the first time by Frenchman Jack Duganne in 1991 in the United States, at Nash Editions Fine Art Print Makers in California. Duganne was expressing the new artists who painted on computers and printed it as quality inkjet printing. Today, Giclée, pronounced "zhee-clay", expresses a digital print either of a digitized image or image created directly on the computer. It usually refers to a numbered print or a unique print, printed on paper of archival quality with full-pigmented ink that is uv-stable. If you are buying a giclée print from an artist, always confirm the type of paper it is printed on. Usually the artist will indicate it in the product description, but don't be afraid to ask if they are selling it as a giclée and the paper they use is not listed.