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Carsten Beck

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Carsten Beck (born 1986)

Carsten Beck has a graphic design, illustration and photography background. Though it was only in late 2019 that he started to experiment with translating his graphic sketches into living oil on canvas, he became an overnight success in the international art world and his works can be found in galleries from Milan to New York. 

Beck is based in Aalborg in northern Denmark. While out walking, he photographs the architectural lines of the city and its surfaces of light and shadow. These often form the direct basis for the compositions of the final works. 

Geometric sections of bright colours and and monumental, black-and-white works are the hallmarks of this self-taught artist, who draws inspiration from concrete art: a form of art based on a simple, non-figurative idiom and clean lines.

Carsten Beck´s paintings are very Scandinavian and minimalistic in their expression. Beck creates his art with oil on canvas. The paintings are a mix of geometrical perspectives in forms and shapes with a mathematician´s eye for detail and high quality materials.

The lines in his paintings create new objects and formations, which never fail to impress. Beck´s lines, shapes and forms bring comfort and relaxation to the eyes of their audience. The artist´s idea behind his art is the intention to convert organic forms and shapes in to meaningful compositions. Carsten Beck´s background in print making and photography gives him the ability and talent to notice and explore new perspectives in art.

The simple lines capable of creating new objects are fascinating to Carsten Beck. He describes them as having the force to make him think of art in a new way, how art pieces can come to life with just a few well thought out and well placed lines.