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Benny Dröscher

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Benny Dröscher (born 1971 in Aalborg) is a Danish sculptor and painter, educated at the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts. Dröscher's style is very definable: He has been linked with both the Golden Age painters and the surrealists. Paradoxical as it may sound, the ever-changing nature is a constant in the Danish artist Benny Dröscher’s artistic universe. Throughout his vast oeuvre, he has worked in a wide range of media and often nature is the main source for his inspiration.

His work is expressive and emanate’s the thought and precision, every move, and every stroke of paint is attentively applied and contemplated. There is a beauty in the artist’s careful attention to detail in this weird mix of extreme control and obstruction of the mind’s eye. His works are represented in the following public collections: The Copper Stitch Collection at the National Museum of Art, Arken - Museum of Modern Art, Malmö Art Museum, Trapholt in Kolding, the State Art Foundation, the Kastrupgaard Collection, StatoilHydro Art Collection in Norway, Nykredit, Novo Nordisk, Nordea, Norway.