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Ole Ahlberg

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Ole Ahlberg has become famous for his intriguing depictions of Tintin, his life and his fantasies. Hergè portrayed Tintin as a young man in many dangerous situations, surrounded by many colorful people, but Tintin himself always had a certain distance to it. The Danish artist, Ole Ahlberg, was sued by Moulin's (Tintin's copyright holders), for using images of Tintin and the Thompson Twins in his art. They lost. And ever since, there are a lot of entertaining motives with Tintin, private detectives Dupond & Dupont, Captain Haddock and his faithful companion Terry.

If the toys Ole Ahlberg often places in his pictures are a solid symbol of innocence, then it’s a different matter when it comes to the figure of Tintin, who has become a kind of trademark for the artist. For Tintin is a completely fictitious person. Plus he’s a very special type, one where you don’t find even an inkling of a love life in any of the comics. With the exception of the opera-singing, bosomy Milanese nightingale, Bianca Castafiore, women are by and large missing from Tintin’s universe. Even the heavily drinking and constantly cursing Captain Haddock shies terrifyingly away from Castafiore’s advances, which are more a publicity stunt than a real declaration of love.