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Illustrated - Ole Ahlberg
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Illustrated - Ole Ahlberg

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Danish Pop Arts Grandmaster. There are few who own the same patience, technology and talent as Ole Ahlberg - and with his sense of beautiful dressed ladies, combined with items from, among others, Hergé Tintin, he has secured recognition and fame beyond Denmark's borders.
Technically, Ahlberg is in full control, he paints narrowly and precisely to the smallest detail; Nevertheless, Tintin appears perfectly cartoonish and sincere awkward in the adult universe. Ahlberg simply melts two completely different values ​​together without overconstructing it.

Ole Ahlberg's early paintings were formed by the maxim “a picture in a picture in a picture”, like a set of Chinese boxes. But now there is only one central picture surface, one central scene where the action takes place. Thus Ole Ahlberg has abandoned his subtle illusionism in favor of a more “normal” painting. This hasn’t made his pictures any less enigmatic or ambiguous as he concurrently began making use of a one-color background, black or dark blue, like many of the Dutch Baroque still life artists employed. A background that appears even more inscrutable and mysterious in relation to the brightly illuminated objects in the foreground.

Before the popular breakthrough, Ole Ahlberg was best known as (80er) surrealist, and as part of the art association "Pas Partout" he already made strong works at the time - and they were hard to get hold of. Today you have to think and act quickly if you want to own one of the new original works.
Illustrated - Ole Ahlberg
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