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Poster - Grand Opening 2024 - Ole Ahlberg
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Poster - Grand Opening 2024 - Ole Ahlberg

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Ole Ahlberg art poster made for Grand Opening in Skagen, july 2024. This poster has its motif from the beautiful original oil painting called ”Orange Sky”.

Through his many paintings, Ole Ahlberg (born 1949) has made the Tintin character known and loved for his astonishing erotic experiences on the canvas. Over the past decades, Ole Ahlberg has become highly recognized and famous at home and abroad for these paintings, which are characterized by their level of detail and painterly perfection, and which contain a strong contrast in the form of the young innocent journalist being portrayed in the company of scantily clad ladies in sexual poses. Tintin is synonymous with the good, the fine and the pure, but in Ole Ahlberg's art, another and more unconventional side of the beloved figure can be seen, namely a voyeur who either only watches or is almost involuntarily involved in various erotic situations.
  • Width
    70 cm
  • Height
    100 cm