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Steen Rasmussen

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Steen Rasmussen (born 1954) is a master of graphic expression, and especially the classical graphic print, has been a focus for Rasmussen throughout his artistic work. In his colorscheme, he often works with only a few dark nuances, though at times with a single, bright, opponent tone. Rasmussens art is expressive, though it creates a room for contemplation and reflection.  He often works with layers and opponents, light and dark, with the subtlety in the lines and the loudness of the details. 

Rasmussen is trained from Jutland Art Academy’s graphic department (in the years 1982-87) and has later taught at both the Graphics School in Århus (1990-95) and Silkeborg School of Art (1995-2000).  Rasmussens artistic range is wide indeed, and besides graphic print, he has worked with e.g. installation art, objects and drawing.