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Poster - Skønhedens skygger – Gregers Albrechtsen

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So here it is - the brand new Gregers Albrechtsen poster! The poster is printed in connection with Gregers Albrechtsen's solo exhibition in Skagen in week 42 2023. The motif is from Gregers Albrechtsen's beautiful, original oil painting 'Amager - Skagen'.

The self-taught artist was born in 1976 and lives in Copenhagen. He is known for creating surreal universes where he works with history and the subconscious. His works are technically sharp, strong and thought-provoking. He creates works that quickly arouse the viewer's curiosity, and you can easily immerse yourself in the spectacular works - they take you on an emotional journey through time and place.

In the works, we often see Greger mixing history into our modern universe, and often with strong contrasts – e.g. between light and dark colors, the beautiful and the ugly in the world, etc.