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Morten Lassen

  • Irreversible - Morten Lassen
    : 100 cm / : 100 cm
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    This Giclée print of Morten Lassen's Irreversible in a limited edition of 35.
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Morten Lassen

Morten Lasse is a Danish artist who has exhibited his abstract expressionistic artworks in England, Scandinavia, Germany and Australia since 1995. He painted his first big painting as a 10-year-old where he began to paint nonstop.
Morten Lassen is an educated art teacher from Blaagaard Statsseminarium. He´s also been to Sydney Grammar School. He now lives and works in both Denmark and Australia. 
Lassen paints abstract expressionism and occupies himself with the collision between the organic world and the digital world. He applies oil and spray painting in the creation of his art. Lassen paints his abstract oil paintings on big canvases and paper. He also creates ceramic artworks, which can be found in galleries, Art Fairs and private collections from all over the world.

Morten Lassen describes his artworks in the following way; ”My work is abstract and expressionistic, which mean that I don´t use sketches or another form of preparatory work before starting a painting. My paintings evolve while I´m painting where I work very spontaneously and intuitively.” Morten Lassen works in series of multiple canvases where he ads layer after layer of different colours and textures. He describes his process; ”Often times, the work changes dramatically during the process of adding layers. It takes four to six months to finish a group of paintings and in that period of time big changes in colour occur. It is these changes that build the painting and it is thanks to this evolvement that the artworks come out the way they do. I can´t skip the development process.”

Lassen´s expressionistic artworks have a timeless aesthetic about them. The strong and shiny red colours, the heavy brown and blue colours together with the delicate pink symbolize nature. The many edges and lines symbolize existential frames. The contrast between edges, lines and colours bring both strenght and sensitivity to Lassen´s artworks.