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Alessandro Painsi

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Alessandro Painsi (born 1995)

Alessandro Painsi is an Austrian artist who now lives in Denmark. He came to Denmark as a 17-year-old professional dancer and has since become a succesful artist. He is known for the artwork ”Big City” in Aalborg city, which is Denmark´s tallest indoor artwork. ”Big City” is a collage artwork, which consists of various sizes of art pieces. The artwork stretches over 20 meters and six floors. Alessandro expresses his approach to art this way; ”I don´t want to limit myself just because I don´t fit in to the system. I want to be one of the greatest artists in the world”. Painsi is a vigorous and strong character who fights for his dreams to come true.

In an interview with a German blogger, Painsi said that he first and foremost wishes to convey his message as an artist; ”For me as an artist the artist is more important and more interesting than the painting. As an artist you must have a message, you must have certain values and be prepared to defend them. There are a lot of artworks but not all artists are true artists. When you paint a flower at home it might be art but you are not necessarily an artist. I want to move people and have an affect on people. When someone looks at a painting of mine and likes it, I hope that I have made an impact on that person.

Alessandro Painsi´s artworks are consciously breaking rules and creating surprising compositions. He unites painting and collage in order for the artwork to gain a physical dimension through it´s materials. He reconstructs and plays with all kinds of contexts. And you get the impression of a young artist who ”doesn´t give a damn” and likes to provoke and do as he pleases.

Painsi doesn´t plan ahead what and how he is about to create, instead he lets the art develop as he is working on it. He doesn´t create his artworks with structure but with instinct and expressionism. He is a process oriented painter, meaning that no painting starts with an idea, sketch or plan but on the other hand consistently is build up during the process until the painting suddenly says stop. Painsi´s artistic approach is working with how much information a painting needs in order for him to considered it done.

For Painsi it´s allright if a painting seems troublesome when he finishes it. That feel is to be considered an indicator of the fact that he has created something, which touches himself or others in some sort of way. His art is emotional and experimental. He uses many different materials to create his art such as canvas, cotton, wood, glass, mirrors, clay and metal.

Alessandro Painsi is also known for his coats with sewn on oil paintings and has since 2018 had several exhibitions worldwide, including Europe, USA and Asia. Painsi´s artworks are either colourful and full of expression or simple letters on fabric and canvas. Words, letters and sentences are simple forms, which are often existing without any connection to the world. They are connected to a principle of minimalism. The idea is that a single letter written or painted in a certain way or with a certain colour can convey as many feelings and thoughts as a figurative or abstract painting can.

Sometimes, the painted statements are executed with letters so large that there are only room for some of the letters on the artwork. The parting of words are so ”random” that you at first sight can´t read the sentence. Words and other kinds of references to thematics of the time such as dislike of foreigners, power structures, sexuality etc. are often seen in Painsi´s artworks. Painsi has big ambitions, which include more than being one of the World´s greatest artists. He aspires to develop his talents in multiple genres. Presently, he´s very passionate about designing clothes and accessories besides painting.