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Storybook Love - Hans Henrik Fischer

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Storybook Love - Hans Henrik Fischer
69x50 cm
Limited edition: 30
Numbered and signed by the artist
Hans Henrik Fischer's brand new art print 'Storybook Love' makes one think of fairy tales because of the frog, the crown and of course the title. There is a dark background and the girl has some kind of monster painted on her face, but the motif is not quite as gloomy as those we are used to seeing from the artist.
It is said that you have to kiss one or maybe several frogs before you find the 'prince'. The saying comes from fairy tales but is also a reality for many people. Is the frog in this artwork poisonous or will it turn into a prince? Will the girl experience her first trauma, or is she in for a happy ending?
It is completely conscious that Hans Henrik draws us into conflicting emotions and reactions. You have to feel and sense the unpleasant, "das unheimliche", in the contrast between the innocent, childish, and the crazy, adult, creepy.

The title suggests that it ends happily if the girl kisses the frog. Regardless of the meaning you attach to the artwork, it is full of beautiful, powerful colors that will decorate any home.
  • Width
    50 cm
  • Height
    69 cm
  • Artwork Titel
    Storybook Love
  • Technique & Media
  • Number & Edition
    Ed. 30
  • Signed
    Signed by artist
  • Paper
  • Year
  • Excibitions