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Spring - Leon Keer
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Spring - Leon Keer

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Spring by Leon Keer

One more brand new art print by our new artist Leon Keer! It has the title 'Spring', but behind the idyllic title and the rose coloured Lego flower lies a very gloomy motive. The Lego man has a certain text on his shirt, the burnt and slightly bloody background makes one think of The Arab Spring.
What began as a protest against the laws, which had given the Egyptian military government extensive powers for decades developed into a week-long revolt against a system that had created widespread corruption and a shadow economy reserved for a narrow elite.

Motif: 65 x 52 cm
Without frame: 75 x 62 cm
With frame: 78 x 65 cm
Edition: 50
  • Width
    62 cm
  • Height
    75 cm
  • Artwork Titel
  • Technique & Media
  • Number & Edition
    Edition: 50
  • Signed
  • Paper
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