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Play by the rules - Leon Keer
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Play by the rules - Leon Keer

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Play by the rules by Leon Keer

Another art print by our new Dutch artist Leon Keer! Do you thrive or are you unhappy living a big city life? Do you wait for "green man" before crossing a road or do you cross the road as soon as you get the chance? Perhaps the work is about something more abstract? Maybe it's about standing before a crossroads in life? Which way should you go and what outcomes do you encounter on the different paths? It is up to the individual what meaning they want to assign the artwork - it is decorative and cool regardless of what meaning you attach to it.

Motif: 65 x 50 cm
Without frame: 75 x 60 cm
With frame: 78 x 63 cm
Edition: 50
  • Width
    60 cm
  • Height
    73 cm
  • Artwork Titel
    Play by the rules
  • Technique & Media
  • Number & Edition
    Edition: 50
  • Signed
  • Paper
  • Year
  • Excibitions