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Lars Calmar

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Lars Calmar, born in Langeland in 1968, is a self-taught pottery sculpter. Lars Calmar depicts the human body - but not the "young well-proportioned" body, as often seen in both older and contemporary art. On the contrary, Calmar reproduces the decay, slackness, wrinkles, lushness and obesity .... His sculptures are naturalistic and contain both humor and a biting seriousness. In this way, the humor in the sculpture can help the viewer to gain immediate engagement. You may even accept that it is actually, that most bodies look when age and sluggishness have set their mark. Bare and vulnerable under the brand. By composing his characters with strong symbols such as a boxing glove, a hunting rifle, a crocodile or similar, Lars Calmar achieves that the relaxed and stagnant of the aging naked bodies gets a strong contradiction.