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The Bride Price - Leon Keer
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The Bride Price - Leon Keer

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The Bride Price by Leon Keer

One more brand new art print by our new artist Leon Keer! Do you love LEGO and diamonds? Then you might fall in love with this artwork.

In some cultures, you have to pay a price to the bride's family if you want to get married to their daughter. Some expect the parents to be gifted a couple of cows or a certain sum of money, but most women probably expect to get a diamond ring themselves when they get engaged.

Motif: 65 x 63 cm
Without frame: 75 x 73 cm
With frame: 78 x 76 cm
Edition: 50
  • Width
    73 cm
  • Height
    75 cm
  • Artwork Titel
    The Bride Price
  • Technique & Media
  • Number & Edition
    Edition: 50
  • Signed
  • Paper
  • Year
  • Excibitions